Don’t stop the spirit

Don’t stop the spirit

Emily Vu

Without rival team Lynbrook, Matadors’ attendance at games are lacking

Last year, our house got robbed. This year, our spirit did.

There is no stomping on the bleachers. No more cheers to the point where our voices die.You can say goodbye to hosting pre-game tailgate barbecues, organizing poster painting, creating rival Facebook events, or decking out in purple and gold. As MVHS rivals Lynbrook High School and Cupertino High School moved up to the De Anza league this year while the Matadors stayed in the El Camino League, there has been a drastic decrease in the fan attendance rate at games.

Surprising? No. Disappointing? Definitely. Without Lynbrook High School in the El Camino league this 10-11’ season, the boys basketball team lacks a rival game. Photo courtesy of Ben Yang.

Our spirit is bull, Bull Spirit. There is no reason to stop the spirit just because our old rival schools have moved to a different league—pick another rival school or host another charity event. Anything.

We can all accept the fact here that Matadors have always been lacking in school spirit, especially when it comes to our sports teams. The “I have no time” line is thrown up so often nowadays that it has lost its value—at the least, make up a more convincing excuse for the scarcity of spirit.

And while for the Matadors to miss a game is somewhat like losing 17 cents—who could care less—the players on the boys basketball team would do 17’s, an exhausting drill consisting of liners to half court, for just 17 more fans. The basketball team, along with the rest of the sport teams, has practice every single day to improve their game and attempt to claim victories. With no fans to congratulate the players on their performance, the team’s hard work would be wasted.

As an athlete myself, I realize the importance of fans—the fact that someone would go out of their way to watch a game made me feel like I should make them proud, and I brought my A-game.

In the end, it comes down to this: more fans, better game.