Teachers prepare for FUHSD Dodgeball Tournament

Teachers prepare for FUHSD Dodgeball Tournament

Neha Simon

Teachers shape up for the new semester and new tournament, in hopes of becoming the next league dodgeball champions

Teacher by day, fierce athlete by evening.

This is the double identity of many teachers across campus, now preparing for the upcoming FUHSD Dodgeball Tournament at Homestead High School on Jan. 27.

The co-creator of the tournament and enthusiastic MVHS competitor, Spanish teacher Molly Guadiamos, explains how the tradition began.

“Some of the teacher[s] had watched the movie ‘Dodgeball,’ and we thought it would be a cool idea to get the whole staff dodgeball shirts for Purple Fridays,” Guadiamos said. “But when others started hearing about that idea, teachers wanted to play so we decided to start a dodgeball tournament between the staff [at Cupertino, Homestead and Lynbrook] high schools.”

Recruiting members is as simple as signing up on a list and the players, once they do commit, get quite competitive. Not only do practices occur every Friday at lunch, the MVHS staff sent balls with skulls and insults to the other schools to intensify the rivalry. With the MVHS matching uniforms the team looks professional and ready to strike.

“We usually play all year long just be

cause everyone has fun coming out and hitting each other,” math teacher Jennifer MacDonald said. “Each player has a unique strength. Some have good arms and some are good at dodging. We work well together—we’re awesome.”

All the fun and games have a specific purpose; the annual event donates all the money raised from tickets to a charity of choice.

“I don’t mind if I get hit in the face in front of all my students,” history teacher Ben Recktenwald said. “That’s one of the ways I get my students to come! The more people come, the more money raised, then the more goes to charity—and that’s what it’s all about.”

“We work well together—we’re awesome.” math teacher Jennifer MacDonald said.

MVHS’ staff dodgeball team continues to practice as they have all year long, enjoying each other’s company and preparing for the brutal upcoming battle of the teachers.

“It’s just a good excuse to have some fun,” math teacher Jon Stark said.

Correction: The date of the tournament is Jan. 27.