Students show support of sports lights

Students show support of sports lights

Patrick Xie

Nov. 16 marked another FUHSD Board meeting where community advocated the installation of sports lights on campus

On Nov. 16, another FUHSD Board of Trustees board meeting was held at the Distict Office. This marked another opportunity for students to show support on the topic of whether football lights should be installed on the upper field of MVHS.

All previous meetings including this one all lead up to the Board voting on the Environmental Impact Report tentatively on Dec. 16.

This meeting people like history teacher and MVHS FEA president Bonnie Belshe, senior Tracy Zhang, Athletic The FUHSD Board of Trustees held a meeting regarding several different topics, one including the installation of football lights. Many students at MVHS have been showing support on getting the lights installed at school. Photo by Jiyoon Park.Boosters Board of Directors Marcia Kearns and Ken Orvick both spoke to help support the decision to have lights. An argument brought up was that the spirit team has to travel long distances and faces risks at certain schools. Parents argued that they have not been able to make afternoon games.

With football lights installed, MVHS athletes will be able to play home games at night. Home games would then allow shorter travel times and the Homecoming football game would also be played at MVHS instead of CHS. However, nearby homeowners argue that the renovations may also provide a nuisance with the bright lights and sounds.

The next meeting will be held on Nov. 30 at the District Office.