PHOTO GALLERY: Super Smash Bros Tournament 2010

PHOTO GALLERY: Super Smash Bros Tournament 2010

Hazel Hyon

Relive the Super Smash Bros Tournament held Oct. 19, 21, and 22 with a photo gallery


Fierce competition. Drama. Smiling winners, grimacing losers.

These things are nothing new at MVHS, but a video game competition took the pressure to a whole new level.

On Oct. 19, 21 and 22, the second annual Super Smash Brothers Tournament was held in the Gym Lobby. Originally an experimental event created last year by the Student Life commission to reach out to a different group of students, the tournament has decidedly become more popular—despite the new limit of 16 teams.The players were divided into teams of two and were eventually sorted into a winners’ bracket and a losers’ bracket, and the winning team of each bracket played each other in the end.

“[The tournament went] really well,” Student Life Commissioner senior Kelly Jackson said. “The players [were] really intense [and] really good. It’s kind of scary.”

After many hard-fought games, the team Dynamic Duo, seniors Sam Sharps and Caleb Kim, took home the bacon—Chipotle gift cards.