Students and teachers show their support for Moore

Students and teachers show their support for Moore

Lisa Zhang

Sympathy cards for chemistry teacher Supriya Moore circulate through science department classrooms following the formal complaint filed against the school


Throughout the week of Sept. 27 to Oct. 2, small green and pink cards sat in different science classrooms, each with their own personalized message to chemistry teacher Supriya Moore. These cards, started by teachers in the science department, are in response to the formal complaint filed against MVHS.

“Regardless of whatever is going on, it was important for [Moore] to know she has the support of her students and teachers,” biology and physiology teacher Pooya Hajjarian said. “I think it’s one of those things where, if you were to put yourself in her shoes, you [would] want that support [too]. We’re just doing what we can for her as colleagues.”

Senior Michelle Yang writes a card to Chemistry teacher Supriya Moore. These pink and green cards have been in many science department classrooms throughout the week of Sept. 27 through Oct. 2 as students give their support to Moore in dealing with the formal complaint.Among the teachers in the science department, many, such as biology teachers Pamela Chow and Pooya Hajjarian, as well as physiology teacher Jenna Smith, have placed these cards in their room in hopes that students’ messages will be able to help Moore deal with the complaint.

“We just had a brief meeting with our students and told them, ‘if you want to show your support, then you’re more than welcome to,’” Hajjarian said. “We have a huge stack of cards, which is really sweet.”

Senior Michelle Yang turned in her card to Chow earlier that week. She had briefly written a note on the pink card, although she had never had Moore as a teacher before.

““I [thought I should] be supportive to teachers in this school,” Yang said. “Moore had been getting a lot of complaints lately, more than other teachers. Even if some [accusations may] be true, some aren’t, [and that’s what makes the difference].”

These little cards are meant to deliver the students’ and teachers’ sympathies and comfort to Moore. Moore has not received the cards yet, but she is already grateful to those students and teachers.

“This is actually the first time I’m hearing about this,” Moore said, “but I definitely feel [do] supported by [everyone].”

Luckily, it wasn’t meant to be a surprise gift. Now, Hajjarian and Smith are collecting the cards to give to Moore in a gift-box. They’re hoping Moore will feel slightly better knowing that she has the support of the students and fellow teachers.