Music: 10 songs to hear

Music: 10 songs to hear

Derrick Yee

In a countdown for the top ten fall songs which song will be number one? 


This summer’s smash hits are beginning to dwindle on the charts, but a new wave of autumn hits is approaching. Here are ten new songs to listen for on the radio as the new season approaches:

10. Shake—Jesse McCartney. Jesse McCartney has captivated teenage girls worldwide since the beginning of his career. He has continued along the suggestive/provocative music road, and it sounds similar to his music from “Departure.” “Shake” has extremely repetitive lyrics, so it may get annoying as time goes on. But for now, the highly electronic sound will get girls shrieking once they hear it on the radio.

9. No Love—Eminem feat. Lil Wayne. Eminem topped the Billboard charts for seven consecutive weeks during the summer with “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna. His next single off of his album “Recovery” is fast-paced rap number “No Love” featuring Lil Wayne. The chorus is the only karaoke-worthy part where it remixes the 90’s popular song, “What is Love,” by Haddaway. This song is one of Eminem’s fastest, which makes it slightly uncomfortable to listen to, but that is forgiven by the strong soundtrack. With a banging chorus and sick beats, there is love for the song. (Note: this song has explicit content—Parental Advisory)

8. Liquor Store Blues—Bruno Mars feat. Damian Marley. Bruno Mars takes a break from his womanizer-message pop songs and releases a soul and bluesy type song. “Liquor Store Blues” has a more natural soundtrack, but still has a small element of pop. Damian Marley’s part is similar to Snoop Dog in “California Gurls”interesting, but the song can do without it. Although the song may not be a prom song nor club-friendly song, it still is ipod-friendly.

7. Firework—Katy Perry. Katy Perry is the Queen of the 2010 summer charts with her two number one singles, “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream.” Perry released “Firework” as her third single off the album “Teenage Dream.” The song is her same mid-tempo beat—the tempo that girls can sing along with—as her previous singles.  The best element of the song is the orchestra strings accompanying the computerized beats in the lead-in to the chorus.

6. Radioactive—Kings of Leon. Kings of Leon was first shot into fame with their two alternative rock songs of “Use Somebody” and “Sex on Fire.” Making it onto their list of great singles is “Radioactive,” which is also the title of their new album. The instrumentals in the song overpower the vocals, but thankfully the instrumentals are urbane. The repetitive guitar rhythms in the beginning and in the chorus makes this song distinct from their others.

5. Erase Me—Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West.  Cudi gained recognition back in 2008 when he released his album “Man on the Moon,” which peaked at number four on the Billboard 200’s chart. “Erase Me” is a hip hop and rap song that’s mid tempo, similar to his previous song, “Day N Nite.” Cudi takes a risk with his higher register that pays off. Kanye West adds a phrase in order to apply the hip hop plus rap equals success formula.

4. I’m Ready— Bobby Brackins feat. Marc Griffin. Bobby Brackins gained immense airplay with his single featuring Ray J, “143.” “I’m Ready” is a pop, hip-hop and rap song, similar to those of B.o.B.The chorus and bridge are the best part of the song with intricate layering of beats and a singable and mingable tune.

3. Only Girl (In the World)—Rihanna. Rihanna has become a well-known name for singles that dominate the US Billboard charts.The newest single to her collection of Greatest Hits is “Only Girl,” the lead single off her upcoming album, “Loud.”  The song is an extremely beat-heavy song that will have people dancing at Homecoming and Sadies. The lyrics may have a shallow meaning, but that is easily forgiven for the fun medley.

2. Perfect Nightmare—Shontelle. Shontelle gained recognition through her single, “Impossible,” which peaked at 13 on the Billboard charts. “Perfect Nightmare” is a single on the album “No Gravity” released Sept. 21. The song tricks listeners to think the song is a slow ballad with a piano, similar to “Impossible,” but it quickly transforms into a dance song. Although the lyrics are repetitive with the phrase, “no way,” the beat keeps listeners taping their feet.

1. Please Don’t Go—Mike Posner. Mike Posner’s sleeper hit, “Cooler Than Me,” exploded with popularity during the summer. But now, he’s showing a vulnerable side with “Please Don’t Go.” The song is extremely catchy from the lyrics to the computer-generated background sound. Easily, the best part of the song is the lead-in to the chorus where it is simple with only two layers of beats. This song will definitely not make you go (onto another song). Although “Cooler Than Me” only reached 15 on the US Billboards, “Please Don’t Go” has the potential to become autumn’s biggest single.