Community Leadership establishes itself with fair

Karishma Mehrotra

The class hosts a fair during lunchtime equipped with games and activities


 Music blasts from the speakers and draws students to the stations of the rally court. No, not ASB Leadership. No, not a club.

Community Leadership stress the fact that they are a class as they host a fair every day at lunch from Sept. 13 to 17. The goal was to establish the class’ purpose on campus—to connect the school to the rest of the community.

“Community Leadership is focused on the community but…this is the only chance to get MVHS to know about Community Leadership because after that we disappear in the community,” Board Member senior Anuved Verma said.

Verma believes the fair was successful in establishing the class on campus. Each day’s lunchtime activity was devoted to a commission of the class—Youth, Community, Global, Environmental and Health, respectively. Health commissioner junior Chanel Zhan also stresses the fair’s goal of magnifying the difference between Community Leadership, clubs and ASB leadership.

“We target something [that] other clubs don’t do…[The point of the fair] is to bring awareness to the school of our class,” Zhan said. “[We are] similar to ASB, but different…[because] we are the connection to the community outside.”

Neither club nor ASB, the class Community Leadership strives to achieve its mission—bridge the gap between MVHS and our surrounding neighborhood.