The chosen ones of 2014

The chosen ones of 2014

Lisa Zhang

Get to know the new 2014 class officers



From left to right: vice president Leon Chen, treasurer Timothy Kuo, secretary Nicole Woo, social manager Bharathi Chitneni and president Marisa Yang during Club Day set-up on Sept.10. The five were elected 2014’s first class officers and plan to get the freshman class more involved in class activities such as pep rallies, quad decorating and fundraising events. Photo by Lisa Zhang.The Leadership class just grew by five with the addition of the class of 2014’s newly elected officers. Here is what they do:


President Marisa Yang:

Goals: Yang wants to increase class spirit, which she feels lacked in earlier years. She also hopes to plan several activities, make money through fundraising and get organized while still having fun.

Reasons for running for office: Inspired by older sister Sara Yang, who is a junior class officer, Marisa ran for class office to become involved in school activities and to have fun.
Thoughts on the Welcome Back rally: “[Rally decorating] was fun, but it was kind of thrown at us. [The rally overall] went pretty smoothly for freshmen, but [we still need to] get our class more involved and knowing the cheers.”
Interesting fact: According to freshman co-officer Nicole Woo, Yang has “really cute” sneezes.

Vice president Leon Chen:

Goals: Chen wants to get the rest of 2014 more spirited through creating a Facebook posting class videos.
Reasons for running for office: “I joined because [I thought being vice president] sounds cool…and I really wanted to get involved with [MVHS]’s activities and leadership.”
Thoughts about being an officer: Chen believes that becoming an officer has allowed him to meet many interesting upperclassmen. He had known some of the people in Leadership previously, and is glad to share a class with them.
Work load: Chen considers being a class officer tiring but fun. He hopes to run again in the coming years.

Secretary Nicole Woo:

Goals: Woo wants to get 2014 to participate more actively during rallies and other events.
Thoughts about being an officer: “[I was so excited] I screamed and fell out of my chair.”
First day on the job: Woo and her fellow officers did not know when the Welcome Back rally decorating was and ended up showing up late to find the decorating already over.
Reasons for running for office: Woo thinks that running for office and getting more involved with activities is a good way to adjust to high school.

Treasurer Timothy Kuo:

Goals: Kuo wants to get 2014 into the spirit of MVHS.
Adjusting to being an officer:  Kuo believes that meeting sophomore class officers at Chipotle to discuss their jobs and responsibilities was a huge help.
Job Description: “You. You’re the treasurer. You take care of the money box.” Octagon officer junior Neil Fernandes said. Octagon paired up with 2014 for their first Club Day.
Interesting facts: “I can’t do a body roll[I usually end up] twitching in awkward places.”

Social manager Bharathi Chitneni:

Goals: Chitneni wants to establish an outside student body to help make decisions. She believes that decisions should reflect the opinions of all of 2014.
Reasons for running for office: Inspired by her brother, senior Yash Chitneni, Bharathi decided to run for social manager as well.
Plans for Quad Decorating: The 2014 officers are currently working on Quad decorating, but are short of money and supplies.
Interesting facts: Chitneni likes to make others laughnot at her, but with her.