DEIR: Decision Evaluation Is Required

DEIR: Decision Evaluation Is Required

Derrick Yee

FUHSD Board of Trustees presented with four plans regarding new football field 

Guess and check is not an option. Maybe process of elimination would be a good start. But nevertheless, choosing carefully is essential for the FUHSD Board of Trustees, which has been presented with four options regarding the highly-anticipated football field—three options are from the Draft Environmental Impact Report and one option is the original proposed plan. The Board of Trustees should chose an option from the DEIR and reduce the usage of sport lights to promote a peaceful environment.

The fate of the football field and sport lights are in the hands of the FUHSD Board of Trustees. Photo by Derrick Yee.A. THE PROPOSED PLAN:  This plan is the whole package: a new football field, long usage of sport lights and plenty of complaints. MVHS would be able to use the sports lights until 9 p.m. for six days a week year-round and until 10:30 p.m. for six football games.  As pleasing as this plan sounds, this option would completely disregard nearby homeowners’ right to a peaceful life. Imagine trying to watch television with loud noise and glaring lights coming through the curtains.  The loud noise is not preventable, but the bright lights are are.  Anyway, do sport teams really need to be practicing until 9 p.m.?

B. REDUCE USAGE OPTION: This is the Goldilocks-dream plan. It will satisfy both the neighbors and the sport teams. From August through mid-November, the lights could be lit until 6 p.m. for two days and until 8:30 p.m. for another two days. In addition, the sport lights will be lit until 10:30 p.m. for six football games. Although the sport lights will not be lit on Fridays, students can still practice during the daylight. From mid-November to March, the sports lights will be lit until 6 p.m. for five days a week and until 7 p.m. for six soccer games. The neighbors will have peace in the evening and the sports teams won’t have to sacrifice practice. Just exactly what Goldilocks would want.

C. NO SPORT LIGHTS OPTION: Receiving a new football field without the sport lights would be meeting the deal halfway. Without any sport lights, MVHS can either have so-called home games at Cupertino High School or have games at MVHS during broad daylight. Watching sports games during the day is similar to dancing with the floodlights on—its just not the same.

D. NO PROJECT OPTION: If the Board of Trustees chooses this option, not only will it have given the student population false hopes, but they would be pulling a candy away from a baby (the candy being the football field).

Option A would unfairly cause distress to nearby residents of the school. Option C and D would steal essentials from the MVHS community.  What’s left?