Hot and cold

Hot and cold

Aafreen Mahmood

 Jamba Juice adds a new set of hot blends to its list of drinks 

Jamba Tea.

It’s a good thing Jamba Juice started off as a juice store instead of tea store. Jamba Tea just doesn’t have quite the same effect as the roll off your tongue smooth alliteration of Jamba Juice, and is quite against the general nature of the store.

In addition to their classic cold smoothies, Jamba Juice now has the option of Organic Hot Blends. The idea behind the new concoctions is that customers can get anything they want, hot or cold, with just one stop. The problem isn’t just the quality of the organic blends, but this new scheme also goes against the status quo— when we think smoothies, we think Jamba, and when we think hot blends, we think Starbucks.

There is a reason Jamba Juice is known for its juice smoothies and Starbucks is known for its coffee, and the reason is specialization. We began trade in this world so that the best quality of all types of products could be available to everyone. Jamba Juice may make the best smoothies in town, but its hot blends sure lack in quality.

There are more types of milk to choose from than actual flavors of drinks. The limited options available include Classic Hot Chocolate, Heavenly Green Tea Latte, Perfectly Chocolate Chai, and Original Spiced Chai. The hot chocolate is flavorless and bland while the Chocolate Chai is one too many flavors; the chocolate and the chai tastes fail to blend together, creating an unpleasant aftertaste. The overwhelming sensation comprises of nothing spectacular to be noted.

This new experiment does not seem worthy of a long lasting product. Though it may seem appealing to try something new the next time you’re at Jamba Juice, ordering your usual favorite smoothie will save you a trip to the trash can.