The dollar menu for movies

Tiffany Lau

 7-Eleven adds Redbox DVD rental outside the store

Sometimes Blockbuster is a drag. It’s far away, you need a membership to rent a movie, and there’s a moderately long line for check-out. But the Redbox is different. It’s close, easy and cheap.

Though it may look like a soda vending machine from afar, as you get closer you notice that it’s a kiosk from the future that contains some characteristics of a vending machine. The Redbox is located in front of many stores, such as Lucky and PW Market. Recently, the 7-Eleven located near MVHS has added a Redbox DVD rental outside the store. Redbox rents old and new movies for $1 a night. Like a vending machine, it only takes a couple touch screen taps and a credit card swipe to rent a DVD. Photo by Tiffany Lau.

To choose the movie, a customer merely needs to touch his or her desired movie on the screen and swipe a debit or credit card on the side. Just like that, the movie pops out of the machine. Redbox rents movies for a dollar per night and if not returned by 9 a.m. the next morning, it charges an extra dollar. This continues on until the twenty-fifth day. At this point, customers can keep the movie but still need to pay the overdue fee of 25 dollars.

"It’s instant and there are so many [Redboxes] that you don’t have to sign up [for it] and it’s really easy," senior Jessica Simmons said.


The price is what sets Redbox aside from Blockbuster and Netflix, but other than the reasonable prices, many have noticed the convenient location of the Redboxes.


"[The location is] pretty good because I usually come to 7-Eleven to pick up some chips and you [can] come by just to pick a movie," senior Peter Im said. 


Both Im and Simmons have used the Redbox near Lucky, but now the new Redbox at 7-Eleven allows more people in the Kennedy Middle School and MVHS area more convenient access as well. 


"There [are] a lot of movies to choose from," said KMS seventh grader Maria Balus. "I can just walk here to get [a DVD] if I really wanted to."

Though sometimes a movie selection might not be available at the 7-Eleven Redbox there’s an easy solution—just go online and reserve that movie at another local Redbox. 

The location, convenience and price are all packed into one. With its unique look and simple check-out process, the Redbox just might be the new dollar menu.