Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine

Aafreen Mahmood

Spring and Milo are the best of friends 


Spring arrived just in time. Milo’s post-surgery check up went well. The past is not hanging over him, and he can be a dog again. At least close to one.

He’s still not allowed to jump off the couch because it’s too much impact for his shoulder, but he can do everything else. What a better way to start off spring? Even though it’s raining here and there, Milo still gets to enjoy his favorite activity: sunbathing.

Now that he does not need to be watched every second, he revels in the freedom of the backyard. After chasing after an imaginary squirrel, he finds a cozy spot on the concrete and lies down in the sun. An hour later, he comes inside to sleep next to the back door where it is not too hot or too cold. 


And on the sunny days, he’s allowed to go for 10 minute walks. He gets ecstatic since he’s been cooped up in the house for the past six weeks. His ears perk up to the jingle of the leash, he starts to run around the house like a mad dog and then he barks at us to make us move faster. He’s finally a dog again.


We all thought he would fear going outside again after the traumatically being hit by a car, but Milo is up for anything. He won’t let the accident get in his way of being happy. 


He’s truly living the life.