Brown Sound takes a hit, moshes on

Brown Sound takes a hit, moshes on

Shreya Shankar

MVSNL musical guest Brown Sound under fire for attempting to create a mosh pit


It was a Saturday night. Students, teachers and parents swarmed into the auditorium, looking forward to a light-hearted night of hilarity at this year’s production of Saturday Night Live hosted by Mr. Birdsong. Whether the host made an impact on the audience or not, the musical guest certainly did.

Brown Sound, the winner of this year’s annual Battle of the Bands, was the musical guest. The band, consisting of seniors Sumukh Anand, Christopher Beall, Paarth Shah, Shreepal Shah and Naveen Venkatesan, caused minor upheaval when it’s members attempted to form a small mosh pit during their set at MVSNL.

For Dean of Students Michael Hicks, the main issue was the safety risk that the mosh pit posed.  Brown Sound's set at MVSNL raised a few eyebrows. Though they were rumored to have been banned after attempting to create a mosh pit, the band will be playing at the upcoming IDC Talent Show. Photo by Minh Bui.

"I wasn’t there to tell the students what they could or couldn’t do," Hicks said of the student-run show. "My only concern was for the safety of students… the auditorium is not a mosh pit place."

Furthermore, the audience consisted of more than students — there were also teachers and parents present. According to Dean of Students Denae Moore, MVSNL was not the right venue for a mosh pit. "There were a lot of parents [present]," she said. "I don’t think [Brown Sound is entirely] representative of the school’s talent."

But the band didn’t quite see it that way. 

"What goes on at rallies is a hundred times more dangerous than a mosh pit, especially one with 4 people," Anand said. "I guess the venue wasn’t right, but  MVSNL asked us to play. I [think] from now on Drama would ask softer bands [to play at SNL]."

Despite the minor controversy, there will be no administrative action taken, nor has there been a collective discussion on administration’s part. Contrary to rumors, Brown Sound will not be banned from school events.