Hydrophobic dog

Aafreen Mahmood

Milo faces his greatest fear of water during these rainy days

We’ve all hated the recent downpour of endless rain. But the rainy season is not  the worst season for us alone, but also for Milo. Most dogs love to run through puddles and the rain, but Milo absolutely hates water. The only water he is willing to go near is his water bowl. He even avoids going into the bathroom because he knows the bathtub, where he has to take “torturous” showers, is in there. It’s safe to say that he has nightmares of water-related scenes. 

The heavy rain has created a huge problem for him. Firstly, he only goes to the bathroom on grass outside. Secondly, it’s wet outside. He will do whatever it takes to avoid going outside to go pottyโ€”even if it means holding his bladder for a few more hours until the rain subsides. Let me help you picture the extremity of this. Milo just woke up from about 10 hours of sleeping and power-walks to the back door and scratches it frantically while squealing because he really needs to go number one. As I’m opening the door, he becomes even more antsy. But, once the door is wide open and he sees the rain, he stops all his whining and slowly retreats to his little bed. He has the option to urinate on the pee-pee pads, but he prefers the greatโ€”and dryโ€”outdoors. Having holding it in for almost half a day, I don’t understand why he can’t just pee on the pad.
Not only can he not go potty, he also can’t go for his daily walks. When he doesn’t go for a walk, all his energy is transferred into continuous barking indoors. He’s bored out of his mind so he squeeks his toys nonstop until either my mom or I play with him. When we ignore him, he yells at us until we give in. If we’re too busy to play with him then he goes to sleep. My family is his sole source of entertainment during rainy days, but for us, we have various things we can do: read a book, play board games, surf the internet and watch TV.
We may think that the stormy weather is only ruining our days, but it’s also horrible, and even terrifying, for Milo. He is trapped inside the house. There are far more worse situations than that of Milo’s and ours, but in the end we’re all in the same puddle of mud, just on different levels of it.