The origins of Tina Fey

The origins of Tina Fey

Yaamini Venkataraman

Comedy troupe, The Second City, celebrates 50 years of improv 

Face it, we all love Tina Fey. Campaign season came, and so did the golden nugget of prime-time comedy. But brace yourself, because the troupe she started out with is designed just to make more comedic pioneers like her, individuals to save the day and give you laughing pains.

Called a "comedy empire" by the New York Times, The Second City is a network of training facilities, theaters and touring professionals that turns funny into hilarious. The group focuses on sketches, much like those on SNL, and improvisation. The Second City is a starting place for many comedians, directors and writers in show business, and many of the alumni are famous award winners. On Jan. 30, The Second City will be coming to the De Anza Flint Center on their 50th Anniversary tour, celebrating half-a-century of comedic gold.
So, what should one expect at such a show? For one, you’ll find your arm clutched around your stomach to ease laughing pains. During the second half of the show, cast members improvise based on audience suggestions. If you wanted to see a sketch about a flying monkey-cow, consider it done.

The 50th anniversary show should be no different than any other Second City show. It will be a celebration of The Second City’s glorious past and promising future. Get ready to laugh until your lungs pop — laughing from SNL will never be as painful again.

The 50th Anniversary show is at the De Anza Flint Center on Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at