Junior prom, outside votes?

Sara Yang

Juniors were not the only ones casting votes on Junior Prom theme ballot



The first round of voting for 2011’s Junior Prom theme song drew approximately 480 votes, but interestingly enough, not all were submitted by MVHS juniors.
Students from other grades, alumni, and students from other high schools admitted to casting votes as well.
Junior Richard Yu, who created the online ballot, built in a safeguard preventing duplicate votes from the same computer, but didn’t anticipate that many people outside the junior class would be motivated to vote.
"It wasn’t a problem, then it became a problem, and by then it was too late [to prevent illegitimate votes]," junior class officer Angeline Chen said.
In response to the issue, the class officers launched the second and final round of voting on EduBallot, setting up the program to allow only MVHS juniors to vote once in the poll. Nevertheless, the extra votes in the first round were not considered a pressing issue.
"If our class doesn’t want [a song as their Junior Prom theme], it’s not going to get voted on," Chen said.
The final prom theme song will be announced after the final round closes on Jan. 29.