Loco for Cocoa serves 200 second semester seniors

Loco for Cocoa serves 200 second semester seniors

Jacqueline Barr

   Free hot chocolate was  served in the Gym Lobby during tutorial on Jan. 14

Carrying on a tradition started by the class of 2008, the 2010 class officers served free hot chocolate and doughnut holes in the Gym Lobby (formerly known as the Student Center) during tutorial on Jan. 14. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the second semester of senior year, a symbolic time for most seniors.

Senior Jennifer Nguyen commented that it took a bit of time for the event to start.

"I didn’t think it was too crowded, but the wait in the beginning was kind of uncomfortable,"  Nguyen said. "Once it actually started, the line moved pretty fast."

 Nguyen estimates that the line started moving 10 minutes after tutorial began.

Senior class president Jocelyn Ou explained the reason behind the wait; Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee forgot to make their order, therefore the hot water was not ready when 2010 social manager senior Samved Sangameswara went to pick it up.

"They had to make the hot water on the spot, which is why it took so long," Ou said.

Ou maintains that the event overall went fairly well and around 200 seniors were served hot chocolate.