Basketball player takes a tumble

Patrick Mi

Accident on the court gives varsity girls’ basketball team a scare

On Dec. 4,  the varsity girls’ basketball team experienced a horrifying incident during a preseason game against Notre Dame High School. Near the beginning of the game, sophomore Steffanie Sum, in hot pursuit of a Notre Dame player on a breakaway, became tangled in the other player’s legs and ran straight into the wall. 

The incident left Sum on the ground,

"I don’t remember falling but I think I blacked out for a couple seconds," Sum said. 

Coaches Sarah Borelli and Fritzie Villegas rushed onto the court immediately . Ville
gas held Sum’s right wrist as she lay on the floor, slowly regaining her strength to stand up. After watching a few quarters on the bench, Sum went to the hospital for a check up .

Luckily there was neither sign of a concussion, broken bone nor fracture. Sum was left with a throbbing wrist and a black eye, preventing her from playing for up to two weeks. 

The team’s next game is on Dec. 15, at Evergreen High School, and Sum hopes to have recovered completely by then.