Government Team settles for third after scoring mishap

Minh Bui

The Matadors lost their second place standing at the district competition after judges uncover mistake



     For some members of the Government Team, second place seemed like a comfortable spot in their district competition. After recent developments however, the team will have to settle for third as a result of a technical mix up.

    The confusion over the results of last week’s competition seemed to stem from the judges. During the scoring process, some judges confused the score cards of MVHS with those of Washington High School. As a result, the second and third place spots of the competition were contested. Eventually Washington High School was awarded second.

    Although on paper this seems like a major loss to the Government Team, according to social studies teacher Christopher Chiang, it is not likely to affect their chances of making the state level competition.

    The four wildcard picks are chosen from the top scoring teams around the state that did not place first. Although MVHS placed third, the point values separating it from Washington High School are so minute that the team still has a very good shot at making states.