A tale of two bikes

A tale of two bikes

Julian Laguisma

 The office has two missing bikes looking for their owners 


The school has recently received some unexpected philanthropy: two missing bikes On November 13th, students received an email that asked them: "Are You Missing a Bike?".


The two bikes, found when one of the closets in the lower stairwells was opened, are now in the custody of AP Secretary Crystal Coppel, who is waiting for the bikes’ owners to claim them.  

Coppel verified that the bikes did not match any lost reports and that the bikes had not been placed there by an administrator. 

"We were putting bikes in there that were locked up inappropriately," Coppel said. 

However,  Coppel posted a notice on School Loop as well as the announcements and decided to wait for the owners to collect the bikes.  

In order to claim them, the claimers must be able to describe the bikes in adequate detail to Coppel.  So far, no one has claimed ownership of them. 
"Some people [have come and said] I’ve lost a bike, it looks like this … but it has not matched the description of the two bikes that I have" Coppel said.

Coppel has noticed that since the School Loop posting, the majority of responses have been from parents.  

"A lot of parents are the ones that are calling in or emailing me or getting their kids to come in and see me to try and claim the bike as theirs,"  Coppel said. 

However, since no one as of yet has claimed proper ownership, the bikes remain with administration.