Shut out from the soccer field

Shut out from the soccer field

Emily Vu

Varsity girls soccer begin preseason with outstanding 9-0 victory over Lynbrook

The varsity girls’ soccer team won its first game of the preseason against Lynbrook on Nov. 30 with a final score of 9-0. They maintained a strong defense throughout the game, never allowing the Vikings to take a shot, while their offense kept possession of the ball and scored.

The Matadors immediately gained control of the game and forced their way into Viking territory. Freshman Mimi Akaogi and senior Cheryl Kute had nice touches on the ball, directing it right to their teammates and keeping it away from the Vikings. Akaogi received a sneaky pass and scored the first of many goals.

Senior Julie Davis was awarded a penalty kick due to a hand ball inside the box by Lynbrook. She managed to direct it straight into the net, giving the Matadors a 4-0 lead. Photo by Eric Wong. After a cross from Akaogi, senior captain Michelle Pao headed the ball to Kute who then scored another goal. Pao then found an open route down the field after outrunning numerous Viking defenders, and she placed the ball into the top corner of the net for a goal.

The Matadors were awarded a penalty kick when a Viking deflected the ball with her hand within the box. Senior Julie Davis managed to slide the ball right past the goalie on the left side to end the first half with a score of 4-0.

Towards the beginning of the second half, the Matadors suddenly lost their defensive rhythm, but they were able to pick it up just in time for junior Grace Huang to steal from the Vikings and score a goal. 


Then the Viking goalie continuously let the ball fumble and slip through her hands. Senior Vanessa Forney and Huang took advantage of these mishaps and scored another two goals to place the Matadors in a solid 7-0 lead. Kute also took a shot, and although it seemed as if it was going to land perfectly in the top right corner of the net, it bounced off the post. Soon after, Huang managed to score her third goal of the night after a perfect corner kick from junior Zohar Liebermensch.

"In the second half, we just wanted to keep possession. There wasn’t really a point to keep scoring, so we worked on switching the ball," Kute said. 


The team practiced getting good touches on the ball and switching it until Viking’s #5 fouled junior Taylor Francoeur by knocking her straight to the ground. #19 took the direct free kick and scored to end the night with a final score of 9-0. 

The varsity girls will continue to practice their communication for their next preseason game which will take place on Dec. 2 at Valley Christian.  


"In order to win CCS again, we just need to get better communication and work together more," Huang said.


Junior Sandra Ley explained that their team chemistry contributed greatly to their outstanding performance on the field.

"We’ve been doing secret sisters every single year. It serves as team bonding, and it goes on throughout the entire season. Our team consists of a variety of ages, so usually it would be hard to get along. But not for us," Ley said. "We’re all family."

The Matadors celebrated their first win of the preseason, but they also acknowledged areas where they can improve.