Edward vs. Jacob: Which team are you on?

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Edward vs. Jacob: Which team are you on?

Surabhi Srivastava

"New Moon", the second movie of the Twilight Saga that released on Nov. 20, is entirely revamped and leaves every desire fulfilled

The most scrumptious movie of the year came out this Friday Nov. 20. Delightful soundtracks for the appetizer, delicious boys for the main course and killer romance as the whipped cream and cherry on top. This movie had it all.

The second installment of The Twilight Saga based on the novels by Stephanie Myer has crossed all inhibitions set forth by its predecessor. "New Moon" is more than one step ahead of "Twilight"it has leapt light years.The promotional poster for "New Moon" shows the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob. Photo taken from Summit Entertainment.

The colossal shortcomings of the first movie may mislead you into thinking you’re just watching the second one to support your love for the novels and the characters, but the movie is a delightful surprise and what you really get in return is two hours of full-on entertainment. Everything that didn’t work for the storyline of the first novel works for "New Moon".
The awkward performances and chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, which were the downfall of "Twilight", actually enhanced the characterization of the desolate and forlorn personalities in this twisted plot. The highly improved acting and the perfect sound track provide an effective portrayal of every romanticized emotion throughout the movie. The music creates every feeling that is meant to be felt, building you up for the climax and keeping you there until the very end.
The main difference between the two plots is the focus-shift from the relationship between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) to Bella’s relationship with the everappealing Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Goodbye vampire, hello werewolf. After Edward leaves Bella in fear of destroying her life, she is left distraught and runs to her warmblooded friend for comfort. Enter classic love triangle. Jacob loves Bella but Bella loves Edward. May the best monster win.
By focusing on the romantic aspect of the novel rather than trying to turn the movie into an action thriller, "New Moon" gives the audience exactly what they want.  The movie still includes the side plot of Victoria (Rachelle LeFevre), the evil vampire out to kill Bella and the dangerous all powerful Volturi, the group of ruling vampires that almost lead to the death of Edward and Bella, but the focus remains on Bella and Jacob, Bella and Edward.

The few lulls in the plot appear where the story goes into vampire history are easily the dullest and unimaginative parts of the movie. The world of the vampires and their history is created weakly not only by special effects but also by makeup. Though slightly less of a disaster than the first movie, the special effects and make-up leave a lot to be desired in terms of realistic appearance. 
"New Moon" is a well balanced version of the novel with minimal differences from the actual plot.
It takes the best parts of the novel to create a smooth beginning, middle, and end filled with perfect moments of comedy relief, action and melodrama.

And if that didn’t quite appeal to your taste buds, take a second to think about the appetizing people. Stewart is no plain Jane as described in the novel and looks incredible in every frame of the movie. And ladiesyou already had Edward, now you also have Jacob. If nothing else, watch the movie for four reasonsfour scenes of Taylor Lautner’s mouthwatering shirtless 8 pack.