Angelic ballads

Angelic ballads

Yaamini Venkataraman

Choral debut concert featured soft ballads and audience approval

There was a quiet rustle of paper chattering against the soft chords in last year’s Variations CD. A flash lit up the room as parents tested their cameras in anticipation. The Choral Debut Concert was advertised on the MVHS home page as pop-inspired, but the vibe of the quiet harmonies floating in the background suggested otherwise. As the choirs trickled in, some choristers exercised the etiquette of silence and others chattered behind the wall of others. When B Choir made its entrance through the doors of the auditorium singing, the mood changed. It was time to sing.  


In this year’s Choral Debut Concert, held on Oct. 22 at the MVHS auditorium, the four choirs—B Choir, A Choir, Concert Choir and Variations—performed a mix of ballads, spirituals and slow-paced music. Family members and students were treated to an evening of stress-free music—music that made you want to forget all your worries for one evening.





B Choir began the performance by strutting down the aisles, classy in their black dress pants and white shirts. Their rendition of "Cold Wind Blows on the Valley", a Czechoslovakian folk song, evoked a familiar feeling and catchy rhythm, painting a picture of a courageous apple-cheeked rider sitting on a galloping horse, traveling through the crisp green valley. 

Continuing the performance was A Choir, closing their set with "What a Wonderful World" which included a solo by sophomore Israel Young and trumpet accompaniment by senior Jeremy Huey. 

Concert Choir moved in a blue-clad mass from the stage to the stands while singing "Heart and Soul", a favorite among many beginning pianists. They brought energy and life to the concert with their New Orleans twist on "Swinging With the Saints", a medley of two spirituals.

The highlight of the night was the performance of the highly-acclaimed Variations in their black suits, stunning red dresses and dazzling diamond necklaces. The choristers came dancing out of their seats to "Silhouettes". They performed pieces that were to be sung the next day at a festival, including an A Capella piece, "Slow Me Down, Lord" which showcased the dynamic vocals this group is known for. The choirs rounded out the performance with their red, white and blue outfits which created an illustration perfect for "America the Beautiful". Through it all, Choral instructor Sherri D’Epiro gracefully conducted the 193 choristers, weaving her light humor into the evening’s performances.

Within an hour, the musical evening had come to a close. Proud parents gathered their kids to go home, humming their favorite tune from the night. Some hummed softly and gently, others sang along with their children. And the few that were moved sang, "All my heart this night rejoices, as I hear, far and near sweetest angel voices."Variations added some movement to its rendition of "Silhouettes" in the Choral Debut Concert on Oct. 22. Photo by Yaamini Venkataraman.