Kiss your frozen yogurt goodbye

Natalie Wong

With the new Bonjour Crepes, you’ll never have to ask “Where should we eat?” again

It is like a scene straight from “Ratatouille.” Upon entrance, menus spread out on a tiny table, along with a comfy, inviting couch for you to recline on while you wait. The chef prepares crepes behind a glass panel and your mouth waters. When your order is ready and your buzzer vibrates, you can’t help but rush up to the counter and satisfy your crepe craving.

The newly opened Bonjour Crepes on Stevens Creek, replacing Verde Tea Cafe, provides a welcome respite from fast food and frozen yogurt. It is a relief to taste a plate of elegance in the form of a freshly-made, light, and silky crepe.

With a choice between savory or dessert fillings and buckwheat or white crepe batter, you can’t even compare it to the same old, same old tart or sweet fro-yo flavors. Inside, you could include cheese, bacon and egg, or Mediterranean fillings. Dessert crepes fillings include strawberries, bananas, and the ever-popular Nutella. Dessert crepes can also be enjoyed with a scoop of ice cream on top.

The Turkey Pesto is the way to go with the savory crepes.  It is a fresh combination that challenges the idea of eating crepes only for dessert. The warm cheesy turkey compliments the pesto sauce and the thin, crispy crepe coating perfectly. The Banana and Nutella crepe, one of the seven dessert crepes, puts a modern twist on an old-world favorite. Covered in powdered sugar and served with a side of whipped cream, the hot crepe steams with decadence. Warm Nutella oozes its way in with rich, semi-sweet flavor and warmth. The gooey texture of the Nutella complements the caramelized bananas, which add sweetness and a bit of tang. 

The food may be great, but the small cafe only has tables fit for two or three rather than a big group of rambunctious teenagers. One crepe is about the size of a deflated soccer ball and if that is enough for your meal, the price range of $4.95-$7.95 is decent. But if the crepe only suits your stomach as a snack, then the food is a bit pricey.

Bonjour Crepes brings the creperie from the streets of Paris to the suburbs of Cupertino, with all the posh and elegance a gourmet crepe deserves. With something this hot and delicious, give frozen yogurt the cold shoulder.