Kodak moment: students place in inter-district photography contest

Kodak moment: students place in inter-district photography contest

Anthony Chen

On April 29, four MVHS students were presented with awards for their submissions in the Junior Photography Contest

 Anybody can snap a quick photograph. But it takes inspiration, perseverance, and true passion to create a veritable work of art. On April 29, seniors Jenny Michelfelder and Greg Klein, and juniors Cindy Yu and Laura Plouse were presented with awards for the work that they had submitted to the 41st Annual Junior Photography Contest. An awards banquet for all winners was held at the Los Gatos High School gymnasium to celebrate the occasion.


“I think it’s really cool how so many people in this area enjoy photography,” Yu said. “There were a lot of really good pictures at the banquet.”


 Close to 1,400 submissions from high schools in the Bay Area were entered in the inter-district competition, hosted by the Photographic Guild of Los Gatos. Each student could submit a total of 10 original pieces into the categories of  “animals,” “architecture,” “nature,” “darkroom photography,” “photojournalism,” “portraits,” “studio techniques,” and “studio photography.” A first-place, second-place and third-place, along with three “honorable mention” awards were given for each category.


“It’s really nice because students get the chance to get their work recognized,” Michelfelder said. “It’s good that a student is not really limited in the number of photos they can submit.”


Michelfelder placed second under the “architecture” category, for her  “High Velocity;” The photo, which was taken at Balboa Park, depicts an open, antiquated hallway stretching out into the distance. The light, shining on the side of the pillars lining the hallway serve to provide a subtle contrast to the maroon ground tiles.


Plouse placed third in the same category with her submission, “Abandoned.” In this photo, an old, white-washed house with cracking paint, is shown with the blue sky as the background.                       




“Abandoned,” by junior Laura Plouse, won an honorable mention award under the catagory of “Architecture,” on April 29. Other winners included seniors Jenny Michelfelder and Greg Klein, and junior Cindy Yu. Photo Courtesy of Photographic Guild of Los Gatos Educational Foundation



Klein received an “honorable mention” for his animal photo submission, entitled “Marmot.” In Klein’s photo, a furry, brown marmot is shown to be sitting on the edge of a cliff. Mountains, gray in the distance, can be seen, as well as a scattering of trees at ground level.


Yu received an “honorable mention” for her photo, “Velvet,” submitted under the “darkroom” category. The students entering the contest all had various sources of inspiration to draw from.


“I thank Ms. Crockett,” Michelfelder said. “I guess she was the one who encouraged me to enter.” As seniors, both Michelfelder and Klein were encouraged to submit their class portfolios to the competition. Consisting of six or seven of the best photos taken throughout the year, a portfolio as a whole counts as one entry for the participants.


Planned for next year is also a spring photography contest, in which students will again have a chance to display their art.