I don’t listen to Chris Brown

Deepa Kollipara

A closer look into the scandal of the year

The Chris Brown and Rihanna Fenty scandal has become notorious.  You don’t need to be addicted to perezhilton.com or Access Hollywood to know about  it. However, things have finally cooled down and dissolved into the dark recesses of Hollywood’s Hall of shame. They’ve become yesterday’s news. It’s easy to tell as instead of unsightly photos of Rihanna’s severely bruised face, this week’s issue of People Magazine was dedicated to the world’s most “beautiful” people.

Or that’s what I believed.


Last week, as my friends and I were discussing music after the STAR test , I looked through my friend’s iPod playlist and was distraught that out of her 500 songs, there wasn’t a single one by Chris Brown. Don’t get me wrong— I’m not belittling her music taste. But what disturbed me was that exactly one year ago, she could not stop listening to songs like “Forever” and “With you.”

Her defense testimony was simply put: “I don’t support Chris Brown anymore.”

I’m not advocating Brown’s horrible acts of domestic violence. In fact, Brown and Rihanna have called national attention to the unfortunate 1.3 million women and 835,000 men who are domestically abused in the United States every year, according to the Nations Domestic Violence Hotline

What bothers me is that many people boycott Chris Brown but still attended the Britney Spears concert over spring break and continue to listen to Lil Wayne, Lindsay Lohan, Bon Jovi, and Amy Winehouse—completely disregarding other celebrities’ misdemeanors.

To me, this has the same level of irony as vegetarians who go bounty hunting.

Yes, many celebrity arrests  are due to DUI charges. However, if you recall the Every 15 Minutes assembly, the consequences can be as severe or even worse than domestic abuse. Celebrities, as beautiful as People Magazine portrays them to be, are not perfect people. It’s not fair to pick and choose. In other words, many people now have one deaf ear on the left for Britney’s actions but a fine-tuned right ear for Brown’s actions.

I don’t think its fair to call Chris Brown out while listening to Spears.