To wear or not to wear: APUSH T-shirts

To wear or not to wear: APUSH T-shirts

Selene Rubino


A junior recounts his experience of getting his car vandalized


On the morning of April 17, junior Robert Huang stirred in his sleep as his mother’s shrill voice broke the 10 a.m. silence of their house.

From his upstairs bedroom, he heard her yell something about his car being “Saran-wrapped.”

But he thought nothing of it, as he assumed that his friends were just pulling a prank on him, and slept on, wanting to enjoy the last chance to sleep in before spring break ended.

About an hour later, Huang woke up and finally went down to check on his car. But when he stepped out his front door, he saw that the damage done to his car was far worse than he’d expected. It was certainly more than just a prank.

His champagne-colored 1994 BMW 530I that he  received this school year was hardlyrecognizable. Not only was his car saran-wrapped, it was also covered in profane words and drawings sprayed on with orange and blue spray-paint, all four of the tires were slashed with the blades left inside them, and a rock  was thrown through the back window, shattering the glass.




The aftermath: Huang’s damaged car shown after the vandalism. Photo Courtesy of Robert Huang





Three out of the four hubcaps were also stolen, oranges and eggs were tossed into the car, and his side-view mirrors were purposely pushed the wrong way so that they would break.

“The car was a gift from my dadit used to be his. He kept it in perfect condition for 15 years, and within three months, I managed to do this,” Huang said.

After the cops came to take fingerprints off the car to bring back to the lab for further investigation, his car insurance company also came to give an estimate on the damages, and to tow away and impound it.

That was the last time he saw his car.

At this point, Huang does not have any idea as to which person or group of people vandalized his car.

“Honestly, I was a little scared [that somebody was out to get me] at first,” Huang admitted when asked about his reaction to this incident. “But I’m just like, ‘Whatever’ now, because it’s already happened, and I can’t do anything about it.” 

Investigations are still pending, and Huang has yet to hear back from the police.