Flinging Friday night away

Natalie Wong

On April 3, Link Commission will be hosting the first-ever Freshmen Fling, a social for the class of 2012.

From 5:30 to 9 p.m., the gym will be open to freshmen and Link leaders supervising the Freshmen Fling.

For just $2, the freshmen can enjoy a night of food and entertainment. Activities planned for the evening include 3-on-3 basketball games, Gatorade-drinking contests, and a featured movie towards the end of the event.

Link leaders will be helping out, as well as having fun and bonding with the freshman class.

Junior Jennifer Wibowo, a Link leader, is very enthusiastic about Freshmen Fling.

"I think this event will close the gap between the freshmen and upperclassmen," Wibowo said. "Through the fun and games and just spending time together, I think that they can become closer friends. Freshmen Fling also allows the freshmen to be more free and to have more fun than they do when the Link leaders visit them in their classrooms."

Freshmen Allsion Win and Daniel Yang will both be attending Freshmen Fling.

"It sound like a lot fun," Win said. "I heard that there will be a lot of activities planned, like karaoke, and even inflatable games!"

Both are also very excited to get a chance to spend a Friday evening relaxing with their friends.

"We're going with a group of friends," Yang said. "I think it will be a lot of fun."

All freshmen are encouraged to come to the social and enjoy this fun-filled evening, as they will have the chance to bond with not only their fellow peers, but also their Link Leaders, before the school year draws to an end.