Celebrity Stalker: Hanging out with friends

Celebrity Stalker: Hanging out with friends

Deepa Kollipara

After the "Friends" show, what ever happened to sitcoms?


Normally, I tend to talk about something scandalous or some gossipy tabloid.  

However, as I have recently learned the hard way, gossip can be a horrible thing. Today, instead of complaining about the media's obsession with Jessica Simpson's weight gain, I've decided to talk about something a bit more meaningful: the death of sitcoms.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm incredibly obsessed with the TV show "Friends." I've seen every episode four times and can quote exact words of wisdom from Joey Tribiani such as, "I am wisdomous." Not to mention, you can find me constantly Googling "Friends Movie," in hope that they'll make a movie.

Sadly, "Friends" reruns have taken their toll on me. I am now venturing out on trying newer shows like "The Office," "Scrubs," and "30 Rock."

My guess is that at MVHS, the most popular shows include "Grey's Anatomy," "House," "Heroes," and "Gossip Girl."

With the list above, it's easy to see that most people watch shows about doctors treating horrible diseases while dealing with their dramatic personal lives, or random people with superpowers trying to save the world from catastrophe.

The last time I heard someone talk about something funny on TV was during Spanish class about the SNL Sarah Palin skits.

MVHS as well as the rest of America has fallen to the new trend of killing sitcoms. Yes, there are a few sitcoms here and there, such as "According to Jim," but I've never heard anyone at school talk about them like they do about Meredith and Derek getting back together on "Grey's Anatomy."

Yes, I realize that "The Office" is popular, but according to TV guide, it is only the 16th most watched show on TV compared to "Lost," which is number one.

Whatever happened to the laugh tracks, awkward moments, and witty sayings that helped all of us escape from our biology homework? I guess under the high stress of AP classes and high school drama, people just enjoy further bumming themselves out by frequent deaths on "Grey's Anatomy."

Sometimes, I think it's just nice to drop the action and drama to relax and hang out with your friends. Whether they're your real ones, or Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel.