Girl’s soccer defeats Cupertino, places first in leagues, and qualifies for CCS.


Final score: 6-0

Through pelting rain, the varsity girls soccer team defeated the Cupertino Pioneers 6-0 on Feb. 6.

MVHS had high hopes for their victory the day before the game.

"We haven't won against [Cupertino] for the last three years so it's like a curse," senior captain Shandon Rovetta said. "We're a better team this year, and hopefully, we'll pull off a win."

MVHS was ranked fifth in the league before a game on Jan. 30 against Los Gatos,who was then ranked second in the league. A victory against Los Gatos pushed MVHS to first in the league. After a tie with Los Altos on Feb. 4, a win against Cupertino was needed to place first.

"We need one more win to secure first in the league and one more to get into CCS," junior Crissy Stuart said.

During the first half of the game, the Matadors scored four goals. Rain had turned the field into a swamp and made it very hard to control the ball.

"The field was really muddy so we kept slipping," junior Michelle Pao said.

However, the mud also inhibited the speedy Pioneer forwards' play and once the Matadors became accustomed to the turf, they were able to control the ball for the majority of the time. During the second half of the game, the Matadors scored two goals, ending with a final score of 6-0.

"During the second half we scored the rest of the goals and were like 'we've got this' and we didn’t let them score," Rovetta said.

This victory fulfills the seven win requirement for CCS, totaling their season with 7-2-1. The team has one game before CCS.

"Our next goal is CCS and I hope we go really far into it," Rovetta said.