New Clubbook informs students about campus clubs

New Clubbook informs students about campus clubs

Ingrid Chang

Recently released Clubbook gives further information about school clubs

Club Commission recently compiled ClubBook, which was released on Jan. 16, Club Promo Day. This was the first informational club booklet other than the directory which only had club names and e-mail addresses. The ClubBook was made to look like the online social networking site, Facebook.
"We wanted something to represent the clubs. It's supposed to be for new students and incoming freshmen," senior Kunal Nagpal said, "but we didn't get it out until the second semester."


The new Clubbook provides information about clubs, officers and more.

Senior Keaton Chiu, who was on Club Commission last year, believes the new ClubBook is a great resource.

"Right now there's a lot of clubs on campus but most people don't know about them. The ClubBook covers a wide variety of clubs. If people know about the clubs more, memberships will increase and more interests could be met," Chiu said.

The ClubBook currently has 35 clubs out of the 60-plus clubs. This will change once more clubs e-mail back with their templates and when Club Commission edits the ClubBook next month.

To make the ClubBook, Club Commission first converted the files, made the table of contents, and organized it while each club made their own pages. One page was a set template where clubs would fill out officers, basic information, and key events and another page was optional for clubs where they were allowed to design a page with more information or pictures of the club.

President of badminton club, junior Tiffany Chang, was one of the many club officers who designed a page.

"I think [ClubBook] is a good idea, but the hard copy is a little hard to update," said Chang. "The online copy is good."

With the new ClubBook, there remains the question of whether people will know that it's there for them. It is currently on School Loop, the school Web site, and Facebook.

"It might be more useful next year, because right now it's kind of a weird time to introduce it," said Chiu. "It would have been more effective if it started first semester."

This year, the main difference between Club Commission from previous years and now is their objectives.

"We were just there to make sure they behaved and to help them out whenever we can," said Chiu, "But now with the ClubBook, Club Commission is taking a bigger role in [publicizing clubs]."