From the Stands: Families not welcome

 From the Stands: Families not welcome

Christian Fatoohi

When I went to the 49ers game, I noticed that it isn't the best place for families

Drunk people. Obscene language. Shattered beer bottles. Bitter arguments. Pushing and shoving. And children in the midst. This is not a good combination.

I've gone to many football games throughout my life, but never noticed that it was such a bad place for families. Although there are many men in the stadium, there are also kids throughout. And the football experience isn't one that teaches good morals and encourages the growth of children. Actually it does the opposite.

I hadn't put this all together any of the previous times I attended 49ers games when I was younger. Of course I noticed all these things, but I never really thought how bad they are for children. It started when I arrived in the parking lot of the Niners vs. Jets game. Before even parking, my family's car was splattered with something disgusting that I couldn't recognize and didn't want to. Luckily the rain cleaned that up, but the ground remained dirty. There were shattered beer bottles everywhere with puddles of beer on the ground that made my shoes feel sticky wherever I stepped. The entire place was a junkyard full of people.

After passing through the parking lot, I had to push through a crowd of people to get inside the stadium and then into my seat. Everyone was constantly shoving to get anywhere in the stadium. This not only prevents children from moving anywhere, but also can cause injuries if something goes wrong, especially for small children. The game of football itself doesn't exactly encourage good safety habits for kids. Smashing other men in the game isn't only legal, but also encouraged and necessary to win.

Furthermore, the atmosphere at the game isn't exactly family-friendly. Many of the men in the stands are too drunk to know what they're doing and control themselves. I found myself in several disputes, "friendly" of course, with multiple Jets fans throughout the game. There was also a great deal of profanity used in conversation all around me. People don't watch their mouths or take any consideration to at least swear less frequently.

As painful as it is for me to say this because of how passionate I am about sports, children should avoid attending football games. If they really want to watch football, that's the purpose of a TV.