Boys varsity water polo crushes Gunn 15-6

Boys varsity water polo crushes Gunn 15-6

Natalie Wong


Junior Jubin Honarvar attempts to shoot the ball into Gunn’s goal
On Oct. 28, MVHS varsity boys water polo soundly defeated Gunn with a score of 15-6


After losing to Gunn last time with a score of 10-9, the Matadors were more than motivated to redeem themselves and  beat the Titans.


Starting the second period of the game, the Matadors were leading by a point at a score of 3-2.


Sophomores Alex Bagdasarian and Sean Hughes scored the next two goals in the second period for the Matadors.


As the second period progressed, junior Andrew Stewart made a tactical pass to junior Jubin Honavor, who then assisted senior Eric Chen in scoring the sixth goal for MVHS.


Pleased with the boys’ swift and successful strategy, Coach Ron Freeman stood up from the bench and yelled, “Yeah! Teamwork!” while the rest of the team cheered the boys on.


By the end of the second period, MVHS was ahead of Gunn 8-2.


 Not long after the third period began, Gunn “titan-ed” up their offense by putting in stronger offensive players and quickly scored their third goal.


With these new changes to the offense, the Titans made several more goals.


However, the Matadors were determined to keep that yellow ball out of their net.


“Don’t let him shoot!” Freeman yelled. “Get in his face and knock [the ball] down!”


Not only did the Matadors’ goalie, junior Glian Datu, focus on blocking all the shots that came his way, but the boys also pumped up their defense with key players like senior J.T. Peters.


As the game drew to an end, more goals were made by aggressive players including Chen, Peters, and Bagdasarian.


Proud of their 15-6 victory, the Matadors quickly coiled up the lane lines and went on to celebrate in the locker room.