Halloween game: Senior night football

Halloween game: Senior night football

Anthony Chen

Preview for senior night football game on Fri, Oct. 31.



The Matadors’ defense battles fiercely

Football and Halloween: do they mix? At the Senior Night football game this Friday, Oct. 31, the Matadors will take on the Homestead Mustangs in a decisive game that will determine whether or not the team will continue to the CCS playoffs later in the year. Next to the Los Gatos football team (whose overall record is 5-2) Homestead currently poses the greatest threat to the Matadors' undefeated season.

“I think that it’ll be a good game,” senior quarterback Justin Rahn said. “Homestead is a great team.”

At this point in the season, neither team has been defeated, boasting overall records of 7-0. But with the Mustangs leading in both the average number of points scored per game (39, as compared to MVHS’s 34.3) and the number of rushing yards per game (332.8 compared to Homestead’s 247.3) the outcome of the game is uncertain.

“We’re really fired up for this game,” wide receiver and cornerback junior Nick Utley said. “Whoever wins this game is going to CCS.”

The Matadors, however, have strong points of their own. They currently lead in the number of passing yards per game, with 172.6 to Homestead’s 74.5, and in the number of total yards per game, 419.9 compared to Homestead’s 407.3.

In preparation for this momentous game, the Matadors have momentarily changed their motto to “snatch the green slime”—referring to Homestead's school color of green—the coaches brought green Jell-O to practice two days ago and instructed the players to take bites out of it.

In the days prior to the game, the Matadors will continue to train hard and aim for CCS on Friday.