The goals of the field hockey team

Christian Fatoohi

Despite being very competitive, having made it to the CCS Playoffs last year, the MVHS varsity Girls Field Hockey team still has a lot of fun. They work hard, play hard, and then even find time to get together and have a great time at their team dinners! Even with higher goals this year, the team hopes to carry out these unique and enjoyable experiences this season too.

With the start of the 2008 fall season, one thing about MVHS varsity field hockey will be clear— their confidence as a team.
Last fall, one of the main goals the girls shared was to play hard and be a part of the CCS playoffs. They achieved that goal and made it to the second round, where they lost 2-1 to Los Gatos. This year, the team continues to set the goal of making it to CCS and doing as well as they can from there.

“Everybody had their separate goals and they all worked together to achieve them,” junior varsity player Pooja Kundargi said. “We work together to strive for that personal goal through our team goals.”

Intermingled with efforts of self-improvement are also opportunities to strengthen team relationships. One team tradition that the members enjoy is participating in the Davis tournament, which falls on a Saturday in September. The stay in a hotel in Davis the day before the tournament is just about as important to the team as doing well in tournament is.
The girls check into the hotel Friday morning, allowing them time to relax in their own rooms or to hang out at the pool. When dinner comes, the players go their own separate ways, usually in groups, and eat at various restaurants in downtown Davis. And they still have ample time to come together again and socialize after eating.

“They have a blast!” varsity coach Denise Eachus said. “There are a lot of bonding activities there and they just have a great time together.” 

The team has already completed a summer of twice-a-week optional training and a week of twice-a-day practices. (“Double-days”) With the start of the 2008 season, MVHS Field Hockey will continue to strive for CCS by holding two-and-a-half hour practices daily after school. In the mean time, the girls will continue to do what they do best: work hard, play hard, and show their confidence as a team.