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Olympic athletes teach students life lessons

The Beijing Summer Olympics of 2008 is not only just an international event, and the unforgettable athletes, but also an inspiration to students.

Shawn Johnson. LeBron James. Natalie Coughlin. Tyson Gay. Gymnasts, basketball players, swimmers, runners. Role models from the Summer Olympics of 2008.  Every four years billions of viewers watch the Olympics with anticipation.

"Monta Vista is like a mini Olympics with other schools as other countries competing together in sports," junior Sammit Bapaye said.

MVHS has many similar sports to the Olympic sports. Playing against other teams is playing aginst other countries in the Olympics term. The Olympics socially connect many while the news of yesterday's sports game is also talked about. But looking at the Olympics in a different view, not only does MVHS represent the Olympics, the close relationship between school and Olympics brings students even closer to the role models.

These Olympics athletes, an inspiration. They are people we can look up to and learn from. Many of the athletes practice their entire lives for the Olympics and put every part of them into it.

"The athletes are very dedicated, especially Michael Phelps, a very fast swimmer," Bapaye said."Most kids, if they think something is hard, they give up. But the athletes don't give up."

Michael Phelps, one of the most famous athletes from the Olympics, has demonstrated his passion for swimming through major emotions. Obviously practicing as much as he can, Phelps set a goal to break the world record for the most gold medals won over the course of the Olympics.

Dedication is vital through high school as many have learned. Athletes, as a role model, show what is important to them. It may not even matter if the athletes win a medal, what matters is the process they go through in order to achieve success.

"We look up to the athletes because they worked really hard to get where they are today. We're always striving to reach that better goal," sophomore Hannah Lem said.

Olympics have shown the very best to the public. The athletes have received recognition for their teamwork and world records, such as Jason Lezak.

"[Lezak] can give a whole team victory, inspiring me to do the same," junior Steven Lee said.

 Lezak carried team USA to victory in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay. He was behind the French by a large margin nearing the end of the race, but miraculously pulled ahead to earn his team the gold and keep his teammate Phelps' record breaking Olympic hopes alive. Lezak's determination, an inspiration for students.

The swimmers, runners, gymnasts, and team players all have dedication, passion, and the tenacity to beat everyone else, but the Olympics shouldn't be all about the competition, according to Lem.

"Shawn Johnson had to live up to Nastia Liukin's success and was overshadowed. We can learn from them to try to do our best and not compare ourselves with others, and instead comparing only with yourself," Lem said.

The Olympics relate to MVHS from the similarity, the inspiration, and the sports. Athlete's actions, success, and words teach determination and passion. The gymnasts, basketball players, swimmers, runners and more. They are the role models of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

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