El Estoque

MULTIMEDIA: Diversity Day held on April 6

Yimeng Han


This year, the theme of diversity was expanded to include other aspects of the MVHS culture in addition to ethnic diversity. Similar to previous years, performances included Color Guard’s Bollywood-themed routine to the Indian pop song “Maahi Ve,” the Han Kook club’s performance with traditional Korean drums, MV Raas with their modern twist on a traditional Indian dance and MV Bhangra’s upbeat hip-hop routine. New performances included senior Sammi Howard performing a hula dance, junior Maggie Maser singing “Lonely” by 2ne1 with Japanese lyrics, junior Jennifer Liu playing on a traditional Chinese string instrument called the zither and sophomore William Tan performing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.”

This year’s assembly also included social diversity with a short audio slideshow by the GSA discussing various celebrities in the LGBT community and a skit by Christian Roots club about a girl’s struggle through life to maintain her faith.

“[Diversity Day is] a chance to show not just different cultures, but different belief systems,” senior Steven Chung of the Christian Roots club said. “We were able to communicate a different perspective.”