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Exploring local businesses in Cupertino

For new residents in Cupertino, when they crave a glazed donut, shop for pet supplies, need a caffeine kick or buy a new bike, they may visit familiar names like Krispy Kreme, PetSmart, Starbucks or Sports Basement. But for those interested in patronizing beyond the chain, consider Happy Donuts, An-Jan Pet & Feed Supply or Cafe LaTTea instead.

Whether we pass the weathered storefront of House of Falafel every day but never step foot inside or LaTTea is our go-to coffee shop to cram for finals, local businesses like these have been a longstanding facet of the community. When we enter a family-owned establishment, we’re instantly transported into a warm and comfortable environment, a home away from home.

And though Cicero’s Pizza and Cupertino Bike Shop may be widely successful and rolling in the dough (no pun intended), us longtime Cupertino residents know the places closest to our hearts.

And forgive us for being cheesy, but there’s really no place like home, is there?