Artists of MVHS

Art. Just one word encompasses so many different styles and methods. Art can mean creating a new recipe, sketching a TV show character or even painting your nails. MVHS has artists all around campus who showcase their work on different platforms. Read through the stories to find out more about four students who pursue unique forms of art: photography, comic book art, makeup and ballet.

The art of photography: MVHS student Abhilasha Goel takes on a new hobby

MVHS Sophomore Abhilasha Goel takes on a new hobby; Goel describes her experiences being a starting photographer

The art of comic art: Making a career


Senior Zach Hsieh details his path to becoming a full-fledged comic artist.

The art of makeup: How senior Elizaveta Serebryakova became a makeup artist

Senior Elizaveta Serebryakova explains her affinity for makeup and the role it plays in her life

The art of dance: How to do simple ballet movements

Senior Linnea Cheek demonstrates the steps to completing several classic moves