El Estoque

Students use Instagram to spread awareness about their own experiences with the threat of sexual harassment and assault, and how to remedy those issues

“The experience of too many women”

Anushka De and Prisha Tiwari March 22, 2021
Young women take to Instagram to share their experiences as women and facing the threat of sexual harassment and assault
Not so easy: being a feminist in today's age

Not so easy: being a feminist in today’s age

Shuvi Jha November 24, 2019
How overused platitudes of empowerment oversimplify the feminist movement
Humanities Central Interest Club meeting graphic from last year in C106. Photo used with permission from Jiani Tian.

Humanities Central: Where activism starts

Rachel Jiang September 26, 2019
Focusing on the club officers’ passion and goals this year
Deciphering Feminism

Deciphering Feminism

Shuvi Jha January 29, 2018

was the year women's voices were allowed to ring loud and free as the #MeToo movement pushed for equality. It was the year when White House adviser Kellyanne Conway refused to call herself a feminist...

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