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Photo illustration | Zara Iqbal

Anish Vasudevan and Zara Iqbal

November 23, 2019

The recent rise in popularity of semi-permanent tattoos

Art club holds meeting to talk about Henna

Art club holds meeting to talk about Henna

Priya Reddy

March 9, 2018

Art club hosted an interactive meeting last week introducing Henna, a traditional form of body art popularized in India. After a short presentation by the officers detailing the background of Henna, the members dove into their own practice during lunch, decorating their skin with bright gold cones ful...

Teacher Jessica Kaufman on her love for body art

Kaufman's flower tattoo spent a total of two hours to ink

Shannon Lin

January 31, 2013

How many tattoos do you actually have? I have 7 [laughs]. When I was eighteen I wanted one because at the time, I thought they were pretty. Most of my tattoos are flowers and I wanted a flower so I got a lily with a big plant thing that takes up my lower back. I decided that I didn’t like the ...