El Estoque

A closer look: On the walls of Clarke’s classroom

A broken Elvis clock is one of the many objects on Clarke’s classroom walls. Photo by Amita Mahajan.

Amita Mahajan

October 26, 2015

rossword-puzzles, collages, Elvis. These three seemingly unrelated objects carry a single similarity — they take the forms of clocks in English teacher David Clarke’s classroom. The total number of timers ticks at 11. Yet many of these devices go unnoticed on a first visit to his class as they are surr...

Story of Our Stuff: What do our rooms say about us?

Story of Our Stuff: What do our rooms say about us?

Rhonda Mak

December 19, 2014

he stuff we own says a lot about us. Then where better to look than the place where most of us keep our stuff: our bedrooms? Here's a look into three students' bedrooms, and what each room says about each student. JUNIOR EMILY LEUNG Relaxed,” said junior Emily Leung. “I feel really relaxed ...

Story of Our Stuff: They stored their lives away in boxes in India

Senior Rhea Solmon’s old towel is now faded and splotched with old color. The black thread that her mother, Sujatha Solomon, used to sew Rhea’s name onto the towel is coming off. Photo by Mingjie Zhong.

Mingjie Zhong

December 18, 2014

“[The towel] is pink in color and square… As I grew up, I started using it, and then I obviously started getting older and bigger, so we just kept it in one of the cupboards. Then when my sister was born, we used the same thing for her,” senior Rhea Solomon said. “So my mom decided to kee...