El Estoque

The unsung experts of ‘Almost, Maine’

The ensemble cast (above) rehearses a key scene in the beginning of the play. This is a complex arrangement with a large number of castmates involved, so each person must be aware of his or her surroundings. Photo by Sophia Tao. The members of the choir (below) laugh good-naturedly as vocal coach Sheila Townsend offers positive criticism about their performance. It took a few attempts, but they eventually performed the piece to her satisfaction. Photo by Harini Shyamsundar.

Sophia Tao

November 16, 2013

This story was reported on by Harini Shyamsundar and Sophia Tao.   Singing a different tune Juniors Corena Lentz and Nayanika Raj and sophomores Osher Fein, Emaan Khan and Fatima Mejia stood huddled in a semi-circle around their vocal coach, Sheila Townsend, after having just rehearsed ...