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Rated E for Everyone

Rated E for Everyone

Karen Ma

November 15, 2017

ver since the first cartoon with sound came out in 1928 under Disney titled Steamboat Willie, the subject matters and audiences of cartoons have experienced an immense shift, with “Beavis and Butt-Head” becoming the first fairly popular series, according to an article published by Rolling Stone,...

POWDERPUFF: 2013 vs. 2014

“It was really the dedication and motivation from the losses last year; frankly, they were tired of losing all the time,” senior class president Tommer Schwarz said. “They wanted to go out and win, and they put the best team forward to go and do that.  Photo by Margaret Lin

Albert Qiu

October 11, 2012

On Oct. 10, the seniors defeated the juniors 16-7 in the Powderpuff final. The seniors, who cruised to a 28-0 victory over the freshmen on Oct. 4, consistently held a strong offense to score two touchdowns. The juniors, who defeated the sophomores 7-0 on Oct 3, were unable to hold a defensive line a...

Full-time students, overtime coaches

Full-time students, overtime coaches

Edward Wang

September 18, 2010

Three seniors coach middle school volleyball after school   Read More »...