El Estoque

MVHS Color Guard and MVHS Marching Band perform at the 2019 annual Cupertino Tournament of Bands competition

MV Marching Band performs at one of their home games. Photo courtesy of Music at Monta Vista.

Justine Ha and Lance Tong

October 17, 2019

MVHS Color Guard takes second place and Marching Band takes third place at their second competitive event of the year

Recommendation letters from a different perspective

Recommendation letters from a different perspective

Claire Wen

November 20, 2018

leaf floats gently from the trees, joining the array of other vibrant reds and oranges fluttering to the ground. A chilly breeze whispers through the air, rustling the leaves as it passes by. Autumn has come, and for seniors, that means it’s college application season. They scramble to write their...