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The silver lining of the Coronavirus

The silver lining of the Coronavirus

Elena Khan

April 3, 2020

We stare at the same four walls every single day. For most of us, the days are blurring into one big blob of various Zoom calls with our peers, Netflix shows and maybe the For You page on Tik Tok. We know what it feels like scrolling through social media for hours on end and seeing the same challenges l...

Poor air quality affects the Bay Area

Poor air quality affects the Bay Area

Jai Uparkar

October 10, 2017

here was a hint of smoke in the air and no one could detect the source. The grey haze looked like the common fog that hugs the coast of the Bay Area during the mornings. Early in the morning on Monday, October 9, the wind in Northern California had blown smoke from multiple fires that started in Men...

Smog check: Volkswagen controversy raises questions

Steven Jacoby, president of Volkswagen in 2009, holds the Green Car of the Year Award. Volkswagen, along with 20 billion dollars in damages, now needs to return the eco-friendly awards it won in the past. Source: Ric Francis — AP

Jessica Xing

December 4, 2015

olkswagen sells customers on its efficient build, eco-friendly model and good prices, which is why English teacher Katie Evard was shocked to find out the diesel-run Volkswagen car she’s driven for four years produced up to forty times more nitrogen oxide than is legal under US standards. MVHS st...