El Estoque

El Estoque trip to CSPA conference in New York City cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns

El Estoque members receive a Gold Crown award at the 2018 CSPA Spring Convention. Photo by Alyssa Hui

Brian Xu

March 15, 2020

One of the most stressful parts of JEA director-at-large and journalism and yearbook adviser Julia Satterthwaite’s job is planning for the annual El Estoque and El Valedor field trip. The two publications’ staff alternate every other year between attending two conferences: one hosted by the Journalism Ed...

9/11: Adults reflect on the events and consequences of the attack

 9/11: Adults reflect on the events and consequences of the attack

Mingjie Zhong

September 17, 2014

The day the sky was empty nglish teacher Kate Evard still remembers the night she sat outside with her husband in their backyard, looking up at the pitch-dark sky and noticing its sudden, overwhelming emptiness. That was the day the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all flights in the Unites S...

New York’s visionary bill cracks down on sugar

New York’s visionary bill cracks down on sugar

Ashley Ding

March 23, 2013

Like your vanilla bean frappuccino? You could order it in a size tall, or perhaps in grande. However, you wouldn’t be able to order this sugary shot of goodness in size venti under the revolutionary law proposed by New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Known for pioneering the law that now requires c...

Grandma’s day out

My facial expression tells all. Four days in New York have taught me that New York is no city for old women. Illustration by Angela Liu.

Soumya Kurnool

April 11, 2012

When the idea of a four day field trip to New York City was posed to me, I had my qualms. Should I seize the day or just stay home? I opted for a day out. Too much time in Times Square New York proved to be my biggest nightmare, but nothing was worse than Times Square. It's a blaring, smok...