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Marquesas wrap up halftime performances, transition to competition season

Marquesas wrap up halftime performances, transition to competition season

Colin Ni November 14, 2014

With a minute remaining in the second quarter, they line up in three neat files on the left end of the field, waiting eagerly. Moments after halftime is called, the Marquesas make their run for the...

Club Commission now requires clubs to take meeting minutes and submit them with a confirmation form by 3 p.m. a week after the meeting was held. According to lead commissioner senior Zerreen Kazi, the commission is attempting to be more official in its policies and comply with state auditors’ regulations. Screenshot by Karen Feng.

Club Commission requires meeting minutes as of Feb. 11

Karen Feng February 27, 2014

New rule requires club officers to submit meeting minutes to comply with state auditing regulations but meets backlash. [dropcap1]A[/dropcap1]t the Club Council meeting on Feb. 11 in the auditorium,...

MV Sprouts officer sophomore Ada Chen greets the student body to present the club. The plant in front of the stand is from the Matador Meadow. Photo by Catherine Lockwood.

Club Promo Day held Jan. 10

Catherine January 14, 2014

63 clubs participate to recruit more members for the second semester. On Club Promo Day, students from all grades crowded the gym which had booths containing visual aids, cupcakes, candy and television...

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