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Squad names: the story behind the BIBs and the Chads

The BIBs pose in front of a McLaren at Cupertino Main Street. Photo used with permission of Akshay Bharadwaj

Roshan Fernandez and Herman Saini

August 30, 2018

When junior Ajay Keshava first heard someone use the name BIB to describe his friend group in middle school, he felt uneasy. Coined by others at school, the term stood for “B----y Indian Boys.” The group met on the basketball court –– as a result of lunchtime games at Kennedy MS –– and accor...

Who are we? The story of our names

Who are we? The story of our names

Devika Watave

August 28, 2015

We may know all of our friends’ names, but very few of us know the stories behind them. Some of us have names that our parents fell in love with right from the start. Others have names that have run in the family for many generations. But most of us can’t say that we were named after a store that...