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DRAMA: ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to open Oct. 25

Hamlet, played by junior Michael Goldman, attempts to converse with the ghost of his father (left), and Romeo, played by junior Rafael Ruiz, and Juliet, played by senior Kaz Tarshis, meet in secret (right). “Romeo and Juliet” opens on Oct. 25 and “Hamlet” opens on Oct. 26 in the black box (F104).

Yashashree Pisolkar

October 24, 2012

William Shakespeare’s works are the second-bestselling pieces of literature in the world — the Bible being the first and the Agatha Christie mystery books being the third — according to set designer and MV drama’s fall production co-director, Kit Wilder. And just as we witness the wrath of ...

Over my ______ body

Over my ______ body

Cynthia Mao

September 21, 2011

  Bruno Mars thinks you’re amazing the way you are. Selena Gomez says you’re beautiful. But Kim Kardashian has more curves. And Justin Bieber has better hair. With shows like Gossip Girl and The Biggest Loser, our perception of the “average American” is all skewed. Is he or she th...